Salut tout le monde ! My name is Julia and I’m a Canadian, twenty-something recent university grad with a degree in French language and literature and a love for all things French. I had the opportunity to spend eight months studying abroad in Dijon, France in 2012-2013, where I had an amazing time exploring, improving my French skills, and yes, consuming a fair bit of Burgundy wine and mustard. This fall, I will have yet another opportunity to live in the land of baguettes and escargots for eight months, this time as an English-language teaching assistant in Domfront, Lower Normandy. On this blog, I will chronicle my adventures as I once again attempt to navigate the language barriers, administrative issues (oh, the dreaded administration française !), and cultural differences that make up the country I get to call home once more.

This is me! Not in France. But with wine, so that kind of counts, right?

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  1. I’m looking into applying to TAPIF for the 2017-2018 school year! I would love to be able to ask you some questions. I’m also excited to blaze through your blog even though I’m studying for my french exams.

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    1. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about TAPIF! Good luck with your exams and I hope you enjoy the blog 🙂


  2. Hello!

    I am a Spanish girl and next year I will probably go to Domfront as a Spanish-language teaching assistant. Thank you very much for all your posts! Your experience has helped me very much to clear up my mind a little bit. However, I still have some questions, would you mind to answer to some of them?

    Thank you in advance,


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  3. I’m placed in Saint hilaire du Harcourt for the 2016-2017 year and am having a hard time finding ways in to town. How did you manage public transportation ( or lack there of? .. how did you travel?


    1. My advice to you is not to be shy about asking around at school to see if there are any teachers who might be able to give you rides in and out of town, and definitely don’t hesitate to take someone up on their offer if they say they’d be happy to give you a lift sometime. That was my survival method for getting back to Domfront after a weekend away! Also see if you can maybe arrange your schedule to get Monday mornings and/or Friday afternoons off, which would make weekend trips a lot easier. I took the public bus whenever I could, too, and found that it was generally reliable and on time, even though it didn’t run super frequently throughout the day. Another resource you can look into once you have a French bank card is blablacar, a popular and cheap carpool service. The transportation situation can definitely be tough, but I hope that helps! Have you been in contact with last year’s assistant yet? If not, I can put you two in touch if you like!


      1. This is all very helpful information. Thank you for getting back to me. I have not been in contact with previous assistants and I would appreciate contact information if you have it.


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