D minus 9 days!

There are only nine days left until I leave for France! On one hand, it’s a good thing that I still have nine days left, because I still have a ton of shopping and packing to do before I board that flight to l’Hexagone. On the other hand, I’m getting impatient to arrive in Domfront and start unpacking, exploring, and generally getting settled before my first day as a teaching assistant.

Lately my nerves have been getting the better of me and I’ve been panicking a bit about leaving my family and friends and potentially not being able to stay in contact with them due to lack of wifi, but this weekend I finally heard back from my tutrice about the housing situation in Domfront and I feel so much better. She confirmed that there is still a flat available for me, and she says that rent is considerably cheaper than it has been in the past (yay! More money to travel! Or to buy cute clothes and accessories. Or to fund my camembert addiction. The latter option is most likely.) I also learned that there will be a teacher living with me some of the time, which, according to my tutrice, is a good thing because Domfront can be a lonely place during the winter (ha! At least I’ve been warned). I’m actually thrilled that I will have a flatmate, because I’ll be able to get some French practice in and maybe she (or he? I’m assuming she) will be willing to help me set up a wifi connection!

Can you tell that I’m just a little bit obsessed with wifi? I thought so.

Do I actually know what I’ll be paying in rent? No. Do I know whether this apartment is at the collège or at the lycée? Nope.  Do I know anything about my future flatmate? Nein. But I have more information about my future life in Domfront than I’ve had all summer, and it’s a huge relief. Now I can finally start to relax and let the excitement sink in. I mean, I’m moving to France in basically a week! I can almost taste the wine and cheese now!

Yours truly in 9 days

Between the packing, the shopping, the last-minute errands and the goodbyes, I’ll try to update the blog at least once or twice more before departure day. Now that I know I won’t be completely homeless in France, the whole thing feels so real. Time to give some serious thought to lesson plans and personal goals for my time abroad. À bientôt, mes amis.

Daydreaming about camembert,


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